Drawers Vs. Shelves in Your Custom Closet

Are you having a hard time deciding whether to opt for drawers versus shelving in your closet? There are obviously pros and cons to each choice, and a balanced closet usually has a little bit of both, however how much space are you really going to devote to each one? Here are some tips to consider when making up your mind about drawers vs. shelves and what is the difference of each…

Drawers. Drawers help to conceal items like pajamas and underwear. They also help to house items you not need on display. Some of these items would include: T-shirts- small and lightweight enough to store a stack of them, Leggings- easy to fold and made of durable fabric which helps with wrinkling and space saving, and Belts- some people with belt collections find that storing them in a drawer can make more sense for categorizing or organizing them.

Shelves. Shelving is efficient for items you would like to display or items that just simply do better on shelves. Shoes and accessories are the top subjects when it comes to utilizing shelves, as well as bulky clothing and items that do not fit easily in drawers. Some of these items would include: Jeans- Shelving makes storing your jeans much easier when it comes to deciding which pair to wear, as well as allowing them ample space to be stored neatly and efficiently, Sweaters- storing sweaters on shelves helps to not only protect the fabric and lifespan of the sweater, but to also keep them from easily wrinkling or becoming smashed, and Outdoor wear- just like sweaters outdoor wear tends to be thicker and heavier, these items can take up more space in drawers, just make sure to fold neatly so your shelving doesn’t end up looking messy or bulky.

Every person’s wardrobe is diverse, and the decision of choosing drawers over shelving does not have to be a stressful task. When finally deciding on which way to go, look over the pros and cons of each and see specifically which one will best fit your needs and if you find yourself needing more advice, you’re welcome to reach out because we would love to hear from you!

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